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Dr. Alex Kudrin
Medical Assessor in Biological Unit of Licensing Division at MHRA (London, UK),
Former Medical Director, Takeda (UK)

Dr. Alex Kudrin has graduated Orenburg Medical Academy in Russia (1997), PhD and MD in Respiratory Medicine and Immunology from Moscow Medical University (2001), MBA with Distinction from Westminster University in London (2011) and received Board Certification in Pharmaceutical Medicine from European College of Pharmaceutical Medicine in Basel (2011). He held various senior positions in clinical development of vaccines and anti-inflammatory drugs at Acambis, GlaxoSmithKline, GSK Biologics and Takeda. He was appointed as a Medical Assessor in Biological Unit of Licensing Division at MHRA (London, UK) in 2007 and was involved in numerous major European Scientific Advice procedures for industry on clinical development of new cancer vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars, therapeutic proteins and advanced cell therapy technologies. His clinical interests include research in oncology, immunology, vaccines; clinical development, licensing of biological products; and emerging markets. He is an author of 50 publications including recent publications on biosimilars and cancer immunotherapeutics.

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